80+ Free Book Cover Mockup Templates

There are a lot of book cover mockups in the internet and some of the best are compiled in this list for you to discover and download. Showcase your design easily and effectively with these freebies.

These mockups are pre-defined PSD files that illustrate books in different perspectives, open or closed, all with beautiful backgrounds. They are fully customizable, from colors, backgrounds, shadows, and other features.

1. Free Book Cover Mockup PSD


2. “Outdoor” Paperback Book Mockup PSD


3. Free Hardcover Book Mockup PSD


4. Hardcover Book MockUp


5. Book, brochure mock-up


6. Free Book Cover Mockup PSD


7. “The Magic Basement” – Hardback Book Mockup PSD



8. Standing Hardcover Book Mockup PSD


9. Free Book Magazine PSD Mockup


10. “Mystery Forest” 5 x 8 Paperback Book Mockup


11. Standing Book Mockup PSD


12. Free Book Mockups PSD


13. Free Photorealistic Book Mockup


14. “Spiritual” Book Set PSD Mockup


15. Free PSD Paperback Book Mockup


16. Hardcover Books Mockup PSD



17. Hardcover Book In Hand Mockup PSD


18. Psd A5 Hardcover Book Vol.4


19. Hardcover Book Mockup PSD


20. Two 6 x 9 Hardcovers Standing PSD Mockup


21. Free Book Mockup – Hardcover Edition



22. Book on Coffee Table Template Mockup PSD


23. Book Cover Mockup PSD


24. Free Book Cover PSD Mockup


25. Book Front Cover Mockup PSD


26. Landscape Book Cover Mockup


27. Book Cover Mockup PSD


28. Book Box Set Mockup Template PSD


29. 4 Free Book Mock-ups PSD


30. Book Mockup PSD


31. Free MacBook Mockup PSD


32. Paperback009 PSD


33. Graphicnovel008 PSD


34.Hardcover Book Mockup Set


35. 3 Book Box Set Template Without the Box


36. Hardcover Book Mockup Set PSD


37. Free Book Mockup PSD


38. Book with Dust Jacket on Wood Deck Mockup PSD


39. Paperback Book Mockup with Wine Glass PSD


40. Landscape Paperback Book Mockup PSD


41. Standing Paperback Book Mockup PSD


42. Rockin’ 6 x 9 Paperback Mockup PSD


43. 3 Book Box Set Template Without the Box PSD


44. Paperback Book Trio Mockup PSD


45. Paperback Novel Template PSD


46. Boxset with Small Spine Mockup PSD


47. Book Series Template “The Leaders” PSD


48. Book with Dust Jacket 6 Mockup PSD


49. Front & Back 5 x 8 Paperback Book Mockup PSD


50. Stacked 6 x 9 Book Mockup with Back Cover PSD


51. Stacked Book Mockup With Varying Width Spines PSD


52. Romantic Steps 5 x 8 Paperback Book Mockup PSD


53. Nature Things 5 x 8 Front & Back Book Mockup PSD


54. Basil & Spice 5 x 8 Hardcover Book Mockup PSD


55. Book Mockup for Horror and Murder PSD


56. Front & Back Paperback Book Mockup PSD


57. A5 Psd Book Mockup Hardcover Vol.7


58. Book Magazine Cover Mockup PSD


59. Book Mockup Hard Cover Presentation PSD


60. Create Massive Box Sets PSD


61. Free Book Cover Mockup PSD


62. Free Book Mockup PSD


63. Hardcover Book Mockups Set PSD


64. Free Book Mockup PSD


65. Free PSD Dust Jacket Book Mockup Vol. 4


66. PSD Hardcover Book Free Mockup


67. Hardcover Book Mockup PSD


68. Hardback Book Mockup PSD


69. Hardcover Book MockUp #2 PSD


70. Hardcover Book Mockups PSD


71. Modern Book Mockup PSD


72. Multiple Sized Hardcover Book PSD Mockup PSD


73. Notebook MockUp PSD


74. PSD Book Mockup Hardcover


75. Square PSD Hardcover Book Mockup


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