70+ Awesome Free T-Shirt Mockups

You’ve just finished a really great t-shirt design and you can’t wait to see what it will look like as a fully printed garment. With these free mockup templates you don’t have to wait for your artwork to be reproduced with ink, instead you can digital superimpose your design to test the sizing, positioning and colours directly within Adobe Photoshop.

All the mockups on this list are completely free to download and use, they are in PSD format so you will need Photoshop to use them. They include lots of different styles and colors so you can find the correct one to suit your designs. Some will allow you to change the background color or textures and designs are usually added by double clicking a layer in the PSD and pasting your design in. The file will then update with your design and the template will add the correct lighting and folds/creases in the design so it matches the mockup perfectly.

1. T-Shirt MockUp PSD


2. Psd Tshirt Mockup Template Vol3


3. Tshirt Mockup Template Psd


4. Woman Psd Marl T-shirt Mockup Vol2


5. Follow Free T-Shirt Mockup .psd


6. Free T-Shirt Design Mockup


7. T-Shirt Mockup Bundle


8. T-Shirt MockUp PSD #2


9. Flat T-shirt MockUp


10. T-Shirt Mockup using SmartObject .PSD


11. Threadless T-shirt


12. Folded T-Shirt Mockup


13. Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD #2


14. Classic Psd T-shirt Mockup Vol1


15. Vintage Styled Free T-Shirt Mockup


16. Muscular Men High Resolution T Shirt MockupHome


17. Men V Collar T Shirt Mock Up Psd Template


18. Round Neck Men T Shirt Mock Up


19. 3D Tshirt Mockup PSD


20. Free Rounded Collar T Shirt Mockup Psd


21. Get The Free Polo T Shirt Mock Up Template


22. Women T Shirt Mock Up For Graphic Designers


23. Male Multi Color T Shirt Mock Up


24. Men Polo T Shirt Mock Up With Graphic Changeable


25. Multi Feature Free Collar T Shirt Mock Up Psd


26. Men Collar T Shirt Mock Up Template


27. T-shirt Mock Up Design


28. T-shirt Mock Up Design


29. T-shirt Mock Up Design


30. Shirt Mockup Design


31. T-shirt Mock Up Design


32. T-shirt Print Concept


33. T-shirt Print Mockup


34. T-shirt Print Template


35. Female T-shirt Mockup


36. Red T-Shirt Mockup


37. Folded Psd Sweatshirt Mockup


38. Baby T-shirt Psd Mockup


39. T-Shirt with Hangtag – 7 Free PSD Mockups


40. T-Shirt – 8 Free PSD Mockups


41. T-Shirt MockUp


42. Cotton T-Shirt Mockup PSD


43. Free Tshirt Mockup PSD


44. T-Shirt Mockup PSD


45. Aqua Tshirt Mockup PSD


46. Designer T-Shirt Mockup


47. White T-shirt with Model Mockup


48. T-shirt mockup by Max Fatfullin


49. White Long Sleeves T-shirt Mock-up


50. Ladies’ T-shirt Mockup


51. Hanging T-Shirt Mockup


52. Hoodie MockUp PSD



53. Longline T-Shirt Mockup


54. Set of (Men and Ladies) T-Shirt Mockups


55. Mens T-Shirt Mockup PSD


56. Men’s T-Shirt MockUp


57. Men’s Fabulous Free Hoodie Mockup


58. Photo-realistic T-shirt Mockups


59. Free PSD T-shirt Mockup


60. PSD V-neck T-shirt Mockup


61. Ringer Tee PSD


62. Lady’s T-Shirt Mockup


63. T-shirt and Tote Bags PSD Mockups


64. T-Shirt Mockup American Apparel


65. Free T-Shirt Mockup PSD Files


66. Girl Tank Top Mockup PSD


67. T-shirt Template (Front, Back & Folded)


68. Red T-Shirt Mockup by ThisLooksGreat


69. T-Shirts Mockup


70. Tank Mockup


71. 2nd T-shirt mockup by AlienValley


72. Realistic Hanging T-Shirt Mockup


73. V-Neck T-shirt Template


74. White T-Shirt Mockup PSD


75. Women T-Shirt Mockup PSD


76. Women’s Tank Top Mockup PSD


What is a .PSD .AI .EPS and How to Open it?

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