110+ Amazing Origami Inspired Logo Designs

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing different things such as certain animals or flowers etc. This word ‘Origami’ means ‘paper folding’. It is a very delicate art which requires a lot of hard work and practice. Origami is a much loved and praised art form, thus inspiration people to use it in many different types of projects. Origami logos are logos inspired from this art. Designers are creating many awesome logos based on this theme. Not only the replica of origami art pieces are being used but origami styled letterforms and abstract images are also being used.

A great new collection of creative origami inspired logos! We try to add only high quality logos that will be helpful and inspirational for your abstract branding projects.

1. B Mark


2. Music App UI Design


3. Paperwave / wave / logo


4. “A”


5. Personal Mark


6. lion’s head – logo


7. Blue Elephant


8. Personal mark


9. Parrot Printing Logo


10. New Portfolio Logo


11. nPlay Logo


12. Origami Pigeon


13. New Identity


14. Become community


15. Swan Logo


16. Folded K


17. Diamond


18. Paper


19. F by Olly


20. BC


21. Wrap Me


22. Zenkraft


23. Jakowe Advies


24. Idea Logo Wingo


25. D Logo


26. Origami Knight


27. Anatec Logo


28. Hexagon Logo


29. Personal Logo


30. Sheet Metal Oragami


31. Triworm


32. Marasa Logo


33. Brandworks Studio


34. Biquet Logo


35. MarketUni Logo




37. GAC Logotipo


38. Art Films


39. Aviator


40. Ecorigami


41. Fishogami


42. Fluttergami


43. Open Art


44. Big Cat


45. Paper Crane Journals


46. Leo AR


47. Origami


48. Origami Lion


49. Green


50. Sport Content


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