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People around the world have watched Nigel Barker’s career skyrocket as he has photographed celebrities, models and been a judge on America’s Top Model. But his successful career didn’t happen overnight, and CreativeLive is honored to have Nigel on our platform to share with you his journey as well as the technical and emotional tools you’ll need to find your voice and achieve your dreams.

You will learn:
How to develop your own style and brand so you’ll have the confidence to approach clients and find new business
Why connecting with your subjects is so important and how to use lighting and posing to tell their stories
The importance of evaluating the light you have to work with, how to use that light or add additional lighting

Tap into your unique style and get paid for the work you want to create. With confidence in your technical ability you’ll be able to command any shooting scenario, for your clients.

  • 3 complete classes
  • Exclusive bonus content
  • Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime
  • Streaming and downloadable files
  • Available on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Watch offline with iPhone & iPad
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

1. Capturing the Narrative ($49)

2. Lighting The Scene ($49)

3. The Business of Photography ($49)


Enroll in Course for $147 $88

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