Graphic Design Fundamentals: The Complete Set


The fundamentals of graphic design lays the foundation for becoming a graphic designer. This set of classes includes everything you need to get started. It starts with an overview, then breaks out every important topic in the field of design.
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1. Graphic Design Fundamentals: Getting Started ($49)

Identify and apply fundamental graphic design elements
Add essential design skills to your toolkit
Approach and manage the creative process through varied projects

You don’t need to have a background in fine arts or be an Adobe InDesign whiz to create compelling designs. In this class, Timothy Samara takes you back to the fundamentals of graphic design – the same principles he has consistently returned to in his 25-year career.

2. Graphic Design Fundamentals: Color ($29)

Color is a critical element of good design. Learn how to make expert-level color choices in Graphic Design: Color with Timothy Samara.

In this class, you’ll learn about the fundamental principles for working with color and how those insights can help you create cohesive color palettes. You’ll learn about:

Hue, temperature, saturation, and value
Analogous and complementary relationships
Developing palettes and systems
Color psychology and symbolism

Timothy will share tips for working with color that will improve the overall quality of all of your design work and help you get great results every time.

3. Graphic Design Fundamentals: Form & Image ($29)

You only need basic understanding of line and form to appreciate art and design, but you need a lot more than that to create it. Deepen your understanding of these fundamentals in Graphic Design: Form & Image with Timothy Samara.

In this class, Timothy will teach you about the primary form categories and how they apply across mediums. You’ll learn about:

Geometric vs organic forms
Pictorial vs non-pictorial images
Form relationships and meaning
Juxtaposition and sequence

You’ll learn how the medium you are working in affects how the viewer interprets your work and get tips for getting the results you are after.

Graphic Design: Form & Image will help you confidently create images that are visually balanced and sophisticated.

4. Graphic Design Fundamentals: Layout ($29)

The final layout is the culmination of all of your hard work. In Graphic Design: Layout, Timothy Samara will teach you the skills you need to ensure it looks awesome. You’ll learn about:

Arrangement, logic, and rhythm
Contrast and visual hierarchy
Unifying type and imagery
Working with grids (or not)

Timothy will help you make good design decisions about breaking and activating space. He’ll also teach you about working with color and accounting for its spatial impact.

Every design has a whole array of essential components – learn how to bring them together in Graphic Design: Layout with Timothy Samara.

5. Graphic Design Fundamentals: Type ($29)

Well-organized typography is an integral part of good graphic design. Learn how to do it right in Graphic Design: Type with Timothy Samara.

Timothy will teach you how to work with type so it accurately and beautifully conveys information. You’ll learn about:

The mechanics of text
Choosing and mixing styles
Typographic color
Establishing hierarchy

You’ll get all the basics for working with type and get helpful insights on developing layouts, improving legibility, and adding details.

Every designer works with type – learn the rules for getting it right in Graphic Design: Type with Timothy Samara.


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