300+ Free Polygon Backgrounds

Polygon backgrounds are pretty famous among web designers and print designers. They add a different level of feel and depth to the design. Most of the polygon environments are colourful backgrounds. Hence, they match with website headers, flyer designs, wallpapers, posters and much more.

With the rise in popularity of polygonal designs among the people around the globe, we thought of coming up with the showcase of these amazing free polygon backgrounds that not just ensure to leave you all inspired instead can be downloaded and used for miscellaneous purposes.

1. 5 Geometric Backgrounds


2. 10 Free Polygon Backgrounds


3. 10 Geometric Backgrounds


4. 12 Free Polygon Backgrounds Vol 1


5. 20 Free Polygon Backgrounds


6. 30 Free Polygonal Low Poly Background Textures


7. Free Polygonal / Low Poly Background Texture #19


8. 50 Free Tesselleted Designs


9. Free Polygonal/Low Poly Background Texture #20


10. Free Polygonal/Low Poly Background Texture #17


11. Free Polygonal/Low Poly Background Texture #16


1. Free Polygonal/Low Poly Background texture #14


13. Free Polygonal/Low Poly Background Texture #11


14. Blue Geometric Vector Background


15. Crystalized 2 Vector Graphic by Dry Icons


16. 24 Vector Polygon Backgrounds


17. FREE 10 Low-Poly Polygonal Textures


18. Free Awesome Low Poly Backgrounds PSD


19. Free Colorful Geometric Backgrounds


20. 12 Polygon Backgrounds


21. Free Polygon Background Banners


22. Free Polygon Backgrounds


23. Free Polygon Backgrounds (PNG)


24. Free Polygon Backgrounds (JPG)


25. Free Polygon Backgrounds (JPG)


26. Free Polygonal / Low Poly Background Textures


27. Free Set of 10 Polygonal Background Photos


28. Free Backgrounds


29. 20 Geometric Backgrounds


30. Geometric Backgrounds


31. Polygon Abstract Backgrounds (JPG)


32. Polygon Abstract Backgrounds


33. Polygon abstract vector backgrounds


34. Polygon Background Banners PSD


35. Polygon Backgrounds


36. Polygon Backgrounds for Website or Print


37. 6 Polygon Abstract Background


38. Polygon free vector backgrounds


39. Red Polygonal Background Vector by Free Vector


40. Seamless Polygon Backgrounds Vol.2


41. Vector Abstract Colorful Polygon Background Design


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